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Sustainability and Cause Marketing Partnership Development

Strategic sustainability partnership and social cause marketing development services have long been a cornerstone of the work that Kevin and his partners perform.

We have developed programs supported by corporate and other partners that have advanced education, health, housing, economic development, safety and environmental matters with our greatest passion being in this latter area of essential activity. We do this work on behalf of partner organizations in various sectors—corporate, nonprofit, university, government—then help develop the partners needed to bring the program to life.

Sustainability Partnerships

We have coordinated sustainability partnerships and developed sponsorship programs for and with properties such as Sonoma Raceway, the San Francisco Giants, the Exploratorium, Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival and West Coast Green, among others.

A well-developed sustainability partnership builds awareness and stimulates engagement within the community for important missions like volunteering to renovate public spaces in high-need communities; developing new renewable energy projects; driving energy efficiency and safety initiatives; helping properties attain LEED certification and so much more.

We help properties shape their sustainability efforts through partnership in a way that attracts corporate funding, stakeholder engagement and community support.

Social Cause Marketing

When well-designed and correctly implemented, cause marketing is an effective means for raising awareness, developing audiences and raising funds for a social cause organization while generating visibility, audience connection, access to content and revenue for the partners supporting the initiative.

We often reference our social cause programs because this work serves as the basis of all we do. Whether creating a racing festival to raise awareness of cancer research for Canary Foundation or helping NASA and National Geographic with education programming, we have the thinking and experience to establish a program that will drive a major cause initiative forward.

Reach out to learn more about how we can develop a sustainability partnership program or cause marketing platform for your property.