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Sponsorship Consulting and Activation Services

With three decades of experience, working with a wide array of brands across a range of industries, we are able to help property clients think holistically and strategically about the impact and effectiveness of their sponsorship offering. We offer consulting services that help properties seeking sponsors no matter the status of their current sponsorship program.

Our work is designed to help our clients generate the greatest returns possible. To do this, we apply our deep experience, heightened creativity and broad strategic thinking to maximize returns and impact. We know what corporate sponsors need to receive from a sponsorship investment and we value, design and package assets in a form that presents our property clients in the best light possible.

Once we have designed a program, we develop a custom sponsorship sales strategy and plan that considers the best target sectors and brands to approach for partnership. We create new sponsorship sales materials for our clients and help prepare for market. We then represent select properties and help facilitate relationships among clients, corporations and a variety of organizations and leaders with whom we have worked over the years.

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    At Bartram Partnerships, our efforts are all about providing long-term, financially sustainable solutions to our clients. We can help recruit our client’s most important lead sponsors and, in the process, train a team for handling sales work moving forward, incorporating all of the practices necessary to take responsibility for developing and managing new sponsors on an ongoing basis.

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    We have time-tested contract templates and work well with client counsel in helping bridge the gap in sponsorship knowledge, while facilitating tight legal arrangements between the parties. We have constructed some of the most complex venue sponsorships in the industry and relish in bringing that expertise to the fore for our clients.

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    But we don’t stop when the contract is signed. After the requisite proposal development and contract negotiations, we also facilitate brand sponsorship activation, supporting our client’s team in ensuring a program is being effectively executed and every benefit is fulfilled.

Sponsorship Consulting Services

  • Strategize in establishing a new sponsorship program

  • Brainstorm benefits to be offered to prospective sponsors

  • Ideas for increasing returns from existing sponsorships

  • Address weaknesses in sponsorship offerings to improve returns

  • Develop concepts that add value to sponsorship offerings

  • Consult on media, online and retail partnerships

  • Enhance sponsorship package structure and content

  • Improve communications materials

  • Reevaluate pricing and valuation

  • Establish effective sales strategies

  • Negotiate and close deals more effectively and more often

Kevin Bartram supports organizational leaders attempting to develop sponsorship in an increasingly more competitive marketplace, providing technical assistance and leveraging entrepreneurial and leadership skills developed over a long, successful sponsorship-centric career. His coaching services are designed to provide personalized expert support in sponsorship program development without requiring a significant investment in money or time.

Kevin has worked with organizations in the following sectors:

  • Not-for-profits and social cause organizations
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Cultural and arts organizations
  • Trade and industry associations
  • Municipalities and government
  • Start-ups seeking corporate funding
  • Entertainment and sport properties
  • Corporate marketers seeking targeted support

If you aren’t sure how best to approach sponsorship sales for your property, please reach out to discuss your interests and needs, and we can determine the best path for your unique situation.