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Sponsor Program Development and Activation

As a sponsor, getting the details of your partnership program articulated is just half the battle. Ensuring the effective fulfillment of the package purchased and activation of every last detail is vital to the success of experiential marketing.

When working with corporate clients, we first advise then design the best sponsorship packages and experiential or cause programs possible. However, the key to sponsorship success is the ability to activate and ensure delivery of all benefits and elements of a partnership program. Sponsorship activation is a more mechanical process than the creative front-end work, but it requires an attention to detail and a range of skills that get honed over many years of bringing new marketing partnerships to life.

This is why we may just be the perfect people to manage your activation, especially for those programs we develop:

  • We collaborate with the client team, including other agencies and related ecosystem partners, to ensure that the program you signed on to sponsor is effectively designed and executed, with every detail covered and every benefit fulfilled.

  • But that’s not all: activation often entails more than just what’s in the deal. We also consult with our clients to help them understand how to best utilize the benefits of their partnership within their own audiences and communities.

  • We learn how to best leverage the pre-existing assets, events and exposure often afforded to a sponsor to bring a program to an even bigger audience.

While our sponsorship activation service is last, it definitely isn’t least. In fact, it might be the most important. After all, if one wants to be a successful, strategic sponsor, just having a good deal on paper isn’t going to cut it—bringing that program to life, just the way it was designed, is essential.

Sponsorship Coaching Services

  • Strategize in establishing a new sponsorship program

  • Brainstorm benefits to be offered to prospective sponsors

  • Ideas for increasing returns from existing sponsorships

  • Address weaknesses in sponsorship offerings to improve returns

  • Develop concepts that add value to sponsorship offerings

  • Consult on media, online and retail partnerships

  • Enhance sponsorship package structure and content

  • Improve communications materials

  • Reevaluate pricing and valuation

  • Establish effective sales strategies

  • Negotiate and close deals more effectively and more often

Kevin Bartram supports organizational leaders attempting to develop sponsorship in an increasingly more competitive marketplace, providing technical assistance and leveraging entrepreneurial and leadership skills developed over a long, successful sponsorship-centric career. His coaching services are designed to provide personalized expert support in sponsorship program development without requiring a significant investment in money or time.

Kevin has worked with organizations in the following sectors:

  • Not-for-profits and social cause organizations
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Cultural and arts organizations
  • Trade and industry associations
  • Municipalities and government
  • Start-ups seeking corporate funding
  • Entertainment and sport properties
  • Corporate marketers seeking targeted support

If you’re a brand sponsor (or actively looking to become one), connect with us and find out how we can support your sponsorship program activation.