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Experiential Marketing Services for Properties

For sponsored properties, a strategic partnership with the right brand drives revenue and extends audience impact.

As a sponsor-friendly property, you may be familiar with various types of sponsorship marketing programs. You may have developed programs and sought out sponsors with some to little success—or worse, found fewer brands than you expected interested in the program created. Or perhaps you’re just getting started in strategizing and planning sponsor recruitment efforts. That’s where we come in.

At Bartram Partnerships, we help develop and activate effective sponsorship programs—naming rights, sustainability initiatives, experiential marketing programs, special events, media platforms or some combination of actions—that serve all parties in connecting with fans, audiences and visitors while generating revenue and other terms of value for the sponsored property.

Services for Property Clients

We develop truly strategic and detailed sponsorship offerings that are based on the best programs in your property’s specific sector, drawing from our extensive array of experiences. We approach each new project methodically, building offerings from scratch—or, when appropriate, we re-engineer and re-launch existing offerings. We work closely with client leadership to identify the most salient benefits to be offered and to develop new sponsorship platforms to take to market.

We seek to develop cause-related and sustainability partnerships that address shared social missions and to leverage corporate and other relationships to drive action. Most of our projects have a significant layer of community engagement, social cause promotion and/or sustainability-themed activity involved. Our efforts have significantly advanced high-profile greening efforts in sports venues, major events and through corporate community engagement programs.

We excel at designing a wide range of sponsorship packages for brands in various sectors and for different property purposes. These packages are brought to life through a portfolio of materials: proposals, customizable presentation decks, benefit grids and more. We can support video production, social media campaigns and in-person events that will further support partner development.

We will work with client leadership to establish a timely go-to-market strategy, engaging target brands with which we have relationships. We can also play a key role in targeting particular brands and can take part in a variety of roles in the sponsorship sales continuum, helping to recruit partners that provide both the investment and relationship sought. We also leverage a network of contacts with sponsorship agencies, associations and other aggregator organizations to access contacts that may be interested in strategic partnership offerings and sponsorships.

We can help bring your new partnerships to life. Once a sponsorship offering is sold, the work has only begun; the weeks following closure of a new partnership are most critical in the long-term health and viability of the valued relationship. New sponsors are hard enough to attract and develop—successful sponsorship activation is critical to making these new partners happy and building long-term members of your organization’s ecosystem. 

If you need support developing new sponsorship offerings or have any specific partnership marketing needs that require true expertise and specialized counsel, our Sponsorship Coaching services might be a viable option. Designed to provide personalized expert support in sponsorship program development without requiring a significant investment in money or time, this service is available for organizations and individuals that need an injection of professional support or expertise to improve their position in generating new corporate, media and other strategic partnerships.

You may have the network, you may have the program—but Bartram Partnerships offers the experience and the relationships to help you fully develop your sponsorship program and align with the right brand partners.

Connect with us to determine the sponsorship program services you need to develop your next strategic partnership.