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Serving Communities Authentically while Enhancing Brand Reputation

Here’s a presentation developed for a virtual content marketing conference. It’s a story about the partnership between the Golden State Warriors and PG&E which involved extensive community engagement and volunteering.

We facilitated extensions that took place out in the community via social service, beautification and sustainability programs with involvement of client execs, Warriors players and elected officials. The content generated from these activities was distributed through in arena programs at games, game telecasts, social media, and through news coverage.

  • Content was also produced for use by nonprofit community partners for the purpose of fundraising and engagement.
  • The beneficiaries were members of underserved communities including high impact organizations supporting diverse populations.
  • Programs involved were called “Local Warriors” and “Hoops4Kids” which raised funds from Warriors 3-point shots to support community organizations.

I should mention that this work took place over the course of a few years, but the focus is on 2016-17 when PG&E was awarded the Sponsorship Activation of the Year by the Warriors, who went on to win the NBA championship that year.


Viewers will benefit by learning about an authentic, meaningful program that genuinely helps under-served communities while providing a brand enhanced reputation and direct engagement with a valued audience through association with one of the most valuable and highly regarded sports brands. We share some of the content that emanated from the work and talk about the value received by all involved through participation in this creative multi-faceted community engagement sponsorship program.

Kevin Bartram