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Technology Ecosystem: IoT Precursor Internet Home Alliance

Way back in 2000-2001, a small group of corporate innovators came together to start developing a cohesive approach to the burgeoning “Internet Lifestyle”, driven by the propagation of broadband and the desire of many brands to jump on the online bandwagon. Led by Sears, Cisco, General Motors, Panasonic, HP, Best Buy, Motorola, Honeywell and dozens of other brands, the Alliance brought companies together that had a shared stake in the development of a coordinated approach to the digital revolution.

“The Internet lifestyle is about using the Internet to enhance the quality of life. Technology is enabling a new generation of Internet lifestyle solutions that include streaming audio/video for entertainment and learning, energy and security monitoring, remote diagnostics, personal and family communication, and simultaneous Internet access from multiple personal computers or Internet appliances. These enhanced services will bring new levels of comfort, convenience and security to consumers, and are the foundation of the Internet lifestyle.” – From original press release announcing the Internet Home Alliance.

Kevin contracted with the Alliance for its start-up and first year of activity, helping to organize the alliance, recruit new members, develop complementary partners and consult leadership on marketing, events and partnerships. Bartram played an executive consulting role and helped develop programs that brought the Alliance and its platforms to life, including a series of programs on the Bob Vila Home Again show that highlighted member products and platforms in an interconnected form. We also managed Alliance trade show presence including two major activations at CES.