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Sustainable Sponsorship Program: Sonoma Raceway

After deciding to implement eco-friendly and energy-saving infrastructure improvements and showcase new green performance technologies, Sonoma Raceway (then Infineon Raceway) turned to Bartram to develop a partnership program that would help fund the desired improvements.

In conjunction with the Sonoma Raceway team, Bartram developed the Accelerating Sustainable Performance program, which resulted in the installation of a new solar system that provides over 40% of the track’s energy needs; a new solar-powered LED board near the venue entrance; a range of energy efficiency measures; use of the track for alternative fuel testing; and a number of other recycling and consumer education measures. Sponsors recruited included Panasonic, PG&E, Amyris Fuels, Yokohama and Safety-Kleen.

The program also resulted in a summit hosted at the race track featuring key industry experts, thought leaders and green racing technology demonstrations. The Sonoma Raceway program informed sustainability efforts at other race tracks and by racing organizations including NASCAR.