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Sustainability and Cause Marketing Sponsorship Development

Sustainability sponsorships are an effective means for addressing environmental issues and positioning clients and their partners as green leaders through cause marketing partnerships. The fundamental approach is for brands to drive their sustainability interests or green product adoption and sales through work with properties that are seeking to become more sustainable themselves. It’s a win-win—for consumers and our environment.

A form of social cause programming, sustainability sponsorships drive action that address the most important issue of our time: climate change and its myriad impacts.

Read our experiential marketing case studies for more details on this unique work of which we are extremely proud.

  • Over a decade of developing greening partnerships with a range of partners for our clients at PG&E. These partnerships have all driven an influx of sustainable actions at each partner organization, event or venue.

  • As an offshoot of our PG&E work, we have played a role in helping facilitate greening activity at AT&T Park, the most sustainable ballpark in the country, with the San Francisco Giants.

  • Sonoma Raceway developed their Accelerating Sustainable Performance program with our counsel as we engaged to help design an innovative program that served to make the venue the greenest track in the country.

  • We collaborate with the Green Sports Alliance to develop partnerships involving brands, vendors, leagues, teams, colleges, NGOs and others—all in support of advancing sustainability through sports and entertainment properties.

Passionate about causes that make the planet healthier for all, we work with innovative brands to advance their interests through fully customized nontraditional, high-impact platforms.

Contact us to learn how your company can make a true impact through sustainability sponsorships with property partners.