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Event Sponsorship and Partnership Services for Brands

Brand marketers and the agencies that serve them understand the value of an effectively designed and activated sponsorship—whether sponsoring an event, a social cause, a sports venue or a community platform, brand partnerships generate strategic visibility and audience engagement while driving sales for brands of all sizes.

At Bartram Partnerships, we help brand clients become a strategic sponsor by planning and negotiating sponsorship packages with property partners, then activating these packages to ensure comprehensive execution of all program details. Our work leads to better, smarter, more effective partnerships with ROI that includes social capital and deep community engagement.

It’s not always easy to become a brand sponsor: You have to find the right partner, negotiate the best deal and ensure a comprehensive activation of your program. But by working with Bartram Partnerships, you will find and execute a program that aligns with your audience and meets your goals every time.

Services for Brands

We help brands of all sizes and in a wide range of industries plan partnership programs that support marketing initiatives and enhance brand visibility and engagement with target audiences—all while nurturing long-lasting relationships with relevant property partners. Our brand programs are designed to position brands in an innovative, authentic and high-impact way that genuinely connects to valued communities. And no one gets more value out of a new partnership than we do by virtue of our experience, creativity and willingness to work harder than anyone else to get the best deal possible for our clients.

Sustainable Sponsorships partner brands with NGOs, government agencies, sports and entertainment properties and other brands to drive environmental awareness and action through commercial activities. We have driven new solar installations, temporary energy generation, alternative fuel use and all sorts of environmental education through the creation of sustainable sponsorships. This work is designed to align brands with green causes, but the same approach can be applied to other forms of social action—work we have been doing our entire careers. It’s all about establishing true connection to the cause through meaningful action.

Because every event, sustainability, naming rights—and more—sponsorship plan we develop is customized and intricate, we also work with our brand clients to take your sponsorship plan and put it into action. We represent our brand clients as though their funds are our own, being careful and creative with sponsorship program development and negotiation as new platforms are brought to life, maximizing intended returns while controlling costs. We serve as guides for both clients and their partners to ensure maximum returns and a cohesive, positive partnership, and take this approach all the way through program activation—where we ensure value is delivered to all involved.

In some cases, brand clients may prefer a customized experiential program such as a major event, touring program, mission-aligned social cause or community engagement platform. We have developed custom events as big as the San Jose Grand Prix; collaborated in developing the NetAid global concerts for Cisco; led partnership development for the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge; helped develop activations at Levi’s Stadium for Bud Light and Pepsi; and consulted with leaders of San Francisco’s America’s Cup and Super Bowl 50 events.

If you need support developing new sponsorship offerings or have any specific partnership marketing needs that require true expertise and specialized counsel, our Sponsorship Coaching services might be a viable option. Designed to provide personalized expert support in sponsorship program development without requiring a significant investment in money or time, this service is available for organizations and individuals that need an injection of professional support or expertise to improve their position in generating new corporate, media and other strategic partnerships. 

Reach out to learn more about how you can develop and bring to life an ideal sponsorship program for your company.