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Create Sponsorship Offerings with the End in Mind

By Kevin Bartram | May 9, 2019

When starting a sponsorship program for a venue, event or cause, an organization needs to have an idea of where it wants to end up—target revenues, types of partners, priority industries or companies and, of course, a plan for how to attract the new partners, negotiate agreements and manage activation. As important as any of…

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When Naming Rights Work

By Kevin Bartram | May 2, 2019

We’ve all seen it before—a venue name change with a new corporate name applied that receives a tepid public response at best and is unsupported at worst. The name change process is nuanced and can end up greatly influencing the degree of success experienced by the property and its new naming partner. Through solid, strategic front-end thinking,…

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Partnership Can Heal Our Division

By Kevin Bartram | November 7, 2016

While considering the plight of our country and the decorum of the current election, it is easy to be discouraged and to wonder how we will ever come together as a society. The reaction by some to the ever-increasing diversity and needs of our population leads to resentment and resistance and we wind up paralyzed…

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