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Our Team

Led by Kevin Bartram, our team of like-minded collaborators produces high-impact, meaningful results on every project we help develop and manage. Once Kevin has determined both short- and long-term client needs, he brings together the experts best suited to design and activate partnership offerings.


Kristi Yim

Kristi Yim brings over two decades of marketing expertise to her Resonate Agency clients, including experience that ranges across multiple industries and all aspects of integrated marketing strategy, program execution and sponsorship development. A connector by nature, she adeptly manages both personal relationships with her clients and intricate, enterprise-scale projects with budgets exceeding $20 million. With a keen eye for detail and a clear focus on both short- and long-term results, Kristi works diligently to ensure her clients maximize their marketing investments. Kristi’s work has helped clients develop and implement strategic marketing plans, establish new events and enhance existing ones.


Matt Peterson

Matt Petersen is a marketing executive with 20+ years of extensive experience in sports and entertainment marketing, specifically in sponsorship strategy, development, activation and sales. Matt’s expertise is in strategic brand development, sponsorship negotiations, property optimization, and promotional engagement utilizing partnership assets. He has evaluated, negotiated and managed in excess of $550 million in marketing partnerships throughout his career. Matt has worked as a consultant on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and high-profile sports and entertainment properties to optimize current and future marketing partnership platforms and maximize partnership asset rights and benefits.

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Jeff Doyle

Jeff Doyle delivers strategic sponsorship consulting, business solutions, and brand building partnership/alliance/event initiatives with numerous global brands. With 20 years of sponsorship consulting, he has worked closely with some of the biggest global properties and rights-holders, maximizing sponsorship assets and creating innovative and technology driven programs. Jeff uses extensive client and agency relationships and track record of strategic sales consulting and service to match brands with properties and opportunities.

Connect With Us

You can also read more about Kevin and Bartram Partnerships, or reach out to us directly to explore ways to enhance your partnerships and connect with your audience.