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About Bartram Partnerships

Bartram Partnerships designs and facilitates synergistic marketing partnerships between world-class brands and sponsored properties, establishing successful, strategic collaborations that create value for every partner while spurring meaningful change in the communities served.

With a focus on social impact and community engagement, Bartram Partnerships moves beyond the usual constraints of traditional sponsorships. Instead, we develop unique programs that create financial and social benefits for every stakeholder involved. With over 25 years of developing and facilitating successful partnership programs for properties and brands, we have cultivated a broad portfolio of valuable relationships and significant results.

Led by Kevin Bartram, our team of like-minded collaborators produces high-impact, meaningful results on every project we manage. We believe that effective partnerships are the key to long-term economic viability, and we work with our clients every day to design and activate partnership offerings that have positive outcomes for both profit and people.

Learn more about our work and our network over the past two decades of partnership development.


Career Highlights

  • We have consulted with some of the most prestigious properties and brands to develop comprehensive partnership programs and to activate innovative sponsorships.
  • Our strategic counsel, program development and negotiating services have helped properties, including the San Francisco Giants, the Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma Raceway and the Walt Disney Family Museum, implement profitable strategies and cutting-edge programs that attract the sponsors they seek.
  • Brands such as PG&E, Wells Fargo, Salesforce and Pepsi have turned to us to pursue and activate advantageous sponsorship deals that align with their brands and connect with their audiences.
  • Our decade-plus relationship with PG&E has produced dozens of partnerships—including ongoing projects with sports and entertainment properties—involving deep community engagement and sustainability-related outcomes. Our work with the Golden State Warriors on behalf of PG&E led to an award for Sponsorship Activation of the Year in 2018 as our client played a key role in deepening the Warriors’ community impact.

About Kevin Bartram

Throughout his career, Kevin Bartram has focused on a primary passion: developing partnerships that address and advance socially positive issues and meaningful change. Kevin believes that the best partnerships not only have a beneficial collaborative and fiscal significance for the stakeholders involved, they also have a positive influence on the whole community.

Whether driving the “green agenda” of a major brand with a sustainability-based sponsorship program or stimulating economic development through a new sports venue, Kevin has always considered positive social change to be a central pillar of his work. It might come as little surprise then that his work with brands and properties has led to over $1 billion in economic impact. Kevin’s ability to develop and position the value of a property, a brand or a program of any size has established scores of profitable and purposeful partnerships.

The foundation of Kevin’s work—and the work of everyone at Bartram Partnerships—is a focus on the good: the social good, what’s good for the community and a good partnership between like-minded people and companies.


Learn more about our services to support properties’ strategic partnership campaigns and our event sponsorship services for brands. Or connect with us directly to start a conversation about how we can design and implement the most valuable partnership for you.