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Partnership Philosophy

Partnerships vs. Sponsorships

Partnerships, when effectively designed, negotiated and activated, can address any challenge, advance any cause and fund any purpose. The key is to genuinely design the partnership offering so that all parties involved receive the value needed to engage and sustain the relationship.

An effective sponsorship is a partnership through which a funding entity, usually a brand, accesses certain rights and audiences that drive business and create long-term customer relationships. Many sponsorships are not successful because they do not genuinely address true sponsor needs, which leads to underperforming sponsorship efforts and unsustainable relationships. By taking a true “partnership” approach to sponsorship development, organizations of all types will be more successful with their efforts.

While such sponsorships have long been prevalent in sports and entertainment, these partnerships can be devised for a wide range of sectors: nonprofit, government, social entrepreneurs, culture and education. The key is to approach this work in a true spirit of partnership with an offer of real value while also extolling the virtues of the organization’s mission.

Taken to a higher level, partnerships can address the most substantial issues faced by humanity, including those impacting the environment. We specialize in the creation of Sustainable Sponsorships, partnerships that drive the green agenda of all involved, and seek more work in this space. We strongly believe that partnership is the key to human achievement and long-term viability and look to apply our knowledge and systems in a high-impact, meaningful form.


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